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We Care Project

SUPPORT is critical to the overall EMOTIONAL HEALTH of a cancer patient. "We Care" provides Central Ohioans a 24-hour network of people from all walks of life. For those newly diagnosed with cancer, we offer individual support ranging from providing a listening ear, to companionship at treatments, to home assistance.

Our volunteers are also willing to attend surgeries, serving as a support person for the family of the person having the surgery. Our goal is to teach the 90/10% happenings of life rule, which states: life is 10% what happens to us and 90% our response to what happens. This helps the person as well as the family implement the rule.

We desire to help patients not just survive cancer but OVERCOME IT.

The benefit to our clients is personal access to support. What distinguishes us from most other support groups where the person must wait until the weekly or monthly meeting is that our support volunteers are a phone call away whenever needed.

Caring for Others
We cannot enrich the lives
of others without enriching
our own.