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Honoring the Overcomers

Below are just a few of the overcomers, the reason for Christians Overcoming Cancer. Members of the Alliance are recognized for inspiring others while fighting their cancer battle. Members of the Memoriam are those whose cancer battle has ended yet whose name deserves to be remembered. Their remarkable lives encourage us to keep fighting.

Overcomers Alliance

Over is the only way I'll ever make it through.
Vehement that sick I will not stay but I'll do what I must do.
Exhausting is how some days feel but I cling to my faith in Him.
Rejoicing in God's promise to heal; focusing on His peace within.
Committed to walking this thing out; refusing to drown in depression.
Oblivious to all those who doubt; I am healed is my confession.
Mighty is my Jehovah Rophe; more powerful than cancer.
Everlasting is his love for me; He allows tests that I can master.
Receiving is my only task; the healing is already done.
Submission to His will at last; I know this battle's already won!

Overcomers Memorial
Mary Jenkins
    The "Original Overcomer"
Rich Brown
Rachel Alls
Stefanie Spielman
Robin Roberts
Heather Pick
Geraldine Coats
Karris Battle
Pastor Michael Reeves
Ryan Salmons
Hazel Forbes
Sophia Hope Thomas (new)
Peyton Moore (new)
Tracy Palmer (new)
Sonya Thomas (new)
Carla Dowling Fitzpatrick (new)
Tracy Metzger (new
Mark Hudson II
NiShay White
Heather Pick
Rachael Alls
Jeanette Gianfagna Shamblen
Lynn Sandusky
Ryan Salmons (new)
Aaliyah Martin (new)
Tanea Staples (new)
Stefanie Spielman (new)
Hazel Forbes (new)
Sam Bish (new)