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Our Founder

Mary Jenkins is the President and CEO of Christians Overcoming Cancer (COC), a nonprofit organization she founded in the fall of 2006 while in treatment herself for Stage III Breast Cancer.

Having lived a life of incredible experiences, including being married, becoming a mother and a widow by age 25, Ms. Jenkins learned early on that she would have to face adversities from that strong position deep inside.

Her conviction, courage, determination and strength fuel her passion to encourage and inspire everyone she encounters. People who have had Ms. Jenkins speak a word into their life have coined the life changing event "The Mary Jenkins Experience". Many have seen lives impacted simply the words she imparts as she speaks with authority and compassion.

Mary received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Savannah State College, in Savannah, Georgia. She attended Bible Way Theological Institute upon coming to Columbus, Ohio in 1995. In 2002 she graduated from Columbus Christian Center's School of Business and Commerce and in 2008 completed her Ministry requirements at Columbus Christian Center's "Ever Increasing Life Ministry Training Center".

In September 2007, Mary was awarded the Pat Hughes Award of Inspiration by the Susan G. Komen Foundation for her work in Christians Overcoming Cancer. In May 2008, the INCREASE Community Development Corporation chose Mary as the Nonprofit Micro Entrepreneur of the Year. She recently received national recognition by FUZE Beverage as a Hero for Hope from the nomination of the Susan G. Komen for a Cure Foundation.

The Lord has blessed and entrusted her with three incredible sons, Edwin, Joseph, and Jerry now in their early 20's.

Mary Jenkins

Mary Jenkins, President and CEO
President and CEO
While in treatment, Ms. Jenkins often confessed that she had enough energy and faith to encourage everyone she encountered. From this she has come to be known as a Faith Giant.